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Fresh Soy Stick

400g x 12 pkts Our fresh soy stick is healthy, nutritional food, specially fit for vegetarians. It is a Chinese traditional food made from soybean. It is full of soybean aromatic, contain nutritious ingredient and low in calories. They are good taste and easily stored. The sticks resemble yellow icicles.

Ring Roll

168g x 15 pkts Ring Roll is a traditional food originated from China which is famous to serve with hot pot. We use high quality premium bean curd skin, undergo quick fried process and then hand wrapped it to become a roll. Everbest uses only specially selected Non-GMO soya bean from Canada for all our soya bean products to ensure the food quality is well maintain. Ring Roll is best to eat with any soup based dishes – simply dip in soup for 3 seconds and it’s ready to serve! You can now enjoy the soya aroma and its crispy texture at the same time. This delicious and nutritious food is convenient and easy to prepare, come and get yourself one today!

Vegetarian Five Spiced Ball

500g x 10 packs per case Feature tender, moist, and light vegan meatballs with a savory taste. It is easy to cook and is so comforting to enjoy at any time. Eat with rice is as addictive as eating a burger. Juicy and flavorful vegan meat are the best combo in the world.

Vegetarian Hong Kong Barbeque Meat

500g x 10 packs per case s is an all-time favorite dish. Fragrant and flavorful, it has a great Barbeque taste of Chinese traditional cuisine. It’s high in protein, fiber and calcium. It is also versatile that it can serve on its own or accompany any of your favorite dishes.

Vegetarian Roasted Chicken

450g x 10 packs per case The roasted chicken made of Non-GMO Soy Bean, and other nutritious ingredients. It is easy to cook, healthy and high in protein. With it crispy and scrumptious taste easy to make everyone loves them.

Vegetarian Spiced Duck (pre-cut)

250g x 20 packs per case The most natural soy product. Healthy and nutritious with a great taste and crispy skin to boot, the Veg. Spiced Duck gives off a rich and creamy soy aroma with every bite.

Vegetarian Stewed Lamb Chunk

500g x 10 packs per case Using premium mushrooms as part of the ingredients gives the Veg. Stewed Lamb additional nutritional benefits as well as a luring aroma.

Vegetarian Yuba Maki Roll

300g x 15 packs per case A combination of bean curd skin and soy textured essence gives the Veg. Yuba Maki Roll its delightful flavor. Works great as a sumptuous appetizer when lightly deep-fried or steamed.