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Frozen Seafood Products

Oceana Food is a family owned corporation located in the Bay Area of California. We are a subsidiary company of Oceanwild Frozen Food Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong whose been in the food business for over 30 years importing and distributing frozen seafood products. Oceana Food is a food importer and wholesale distributor founded in 2015. We get our products from leading manufacturers in Asia specialized in frozen surimi products. Our products are made from the highest-quality ingredients, and our goals is to bring you the best in class for different grocery food from Asia in the near future.

Cheese Fish Tofu

500g x 20 packs per case Cheese Fish Tofu has great flavour which comes from specially imported Cheddar cheese that is infused into the fish tofu to let you have a rich experience.

Crystal Fish Ball (Tobiko)

500g x 20 packs per case Each Fish Ball is as exquisite as crystal. Filled with premium roes (eggs) inside, it’s a premium yet elegant dish to impress.

Fish Noodle

500g x 20 packs per case Fish Noodles is made from high quality fish paste coupled with advanced food processing technology to bring out the best quality, safe and delicious fish noodles for your consumption.

Fish Roe Lucky Bag

150g x 15 packs per case Oriental lucky bag outer made with Non-GMO soy bean, inner comes with premium surimi and full of fish roe make this successful combination creates an unprecedented delicacy experience.

My Daun Prawn Paste

130g x 20 packs per case Made from big chunk of high quality prawn meat. Every bite gives a smooth and light springy texture with preserved prawn taste. It can be a dish by itself, complement ingredients, or blend into versatile food.

Ring Roll

168g x 15 pkts Ring Roll is a traditional food originated from China which is famous to serve with hot pot. We use high quality premium bean curd skin, undergo quick fried process and then hand wrapped it to become a roll. Everbest uses only specially selected Non-GMO soya bean from Canada for all our soya bean products to ensure the food quality is well maintain. Ring Roll is best to eat with any soup based dishes – simply dip in soup for 3 seconds and it’s ready to serve! You can now enjoy the soya aroma and its crispy texture at the same time. This delicious and nutritious food is convenient and easy to prepare, come and get yourself one today!

Shrimp Wonton With Mala Sauce

204g x 12 packs per case Made with juicy whole shrimp and wrapped in our signature wonton pastry. Spoon over the ready-made flaming Mala sauce and you’ll be indulged in the spicy and numbing sensation.

Squid Prawn Cake

200g x 12 packs per case Made by deep sea squid, mixed well with big chunk of premium prawn meat that fully wrapped with high quality crispy breadcrumbs. Perfectly delicious yet nutritious.

Tiger Prawn Roll

250g x 20 packs per case Outer skin specially made by Non-GMO soy bean from Canada and generously filled with big chunk of quality giant tiger prawn meat. Full of crispiness and aromatic flavour.

Vegetarian Hong Kong Barbeque Meat

500g x 10 packs per case s is an all-time favorite dish. Fragrant and flavorful, it has a great Barbeque taste of Chinese traditional cuisine. It’s high in protein, fiber and calcium. It is also versatile that it can serve on its own or accompany any of your favorite dishes.

Vegetarian Spiced Duck (pre-cut)

250g x 20 packs per case The most natural soy product. Healthy and nutritious with a great taste and crispy skin to boot, the Veg. Spiced Duck gives off a rich and creamy soy aroma with every bite.

Wholemeal Pao Durian

200g x 24 packs per case Wholemeal Pao Durian redefines your pao experience and give you a rich durian flavour pao.

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