Chef Truman Du

Chef Truman has many accolades. He is the gold medallist of the Chinese Culinary Competition, a member of the Royal International Gourmet Association of France/The Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. tisseurs), a Food Carving Senior Technician, and premier chef of China. From 1994 to 2003, he was invited to more than 10 countries to showcase his cooking.

Received by Chef Truman Du

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The most authentic Chinese restaurant in

San Francisco Bay Area's Chinatown.

Pot and Noodle aims to promote the essence of Chinese culinary culture to locals and tourists from around the world. You taste the delicious food and experience the grand Chinese culture at the same time.

Exquisite Chinese

Decoration & Classical Chinese Tableware.

Pot and Noodle has a beautiful interior in a traditional Chinese style.

The tableware is also very Chinese. The small hot pots are in the shape of an ancient Chinese "tripod", and the bowls and plates are exquisite and fit for royalty.

Our Menu

Taste food emperors ate.

Pot and Noodle’s gold medal winning dishes are from the Manchurian Banquet. The Manchurian Banquet is the jewel and highest level of Chinese cuisine culture.

It originated in the court of the Qing Dynasty as a birthday banquet for the 66th year of the Kangxi Emperor, with the aim of resolving the Manchu-Han discord.


The Manchurian banquet is a tradition that has been carried on for generations, and it has grown additional delicacies and in extravagance over the years. The Manchurian banquet consists of 108 dishes. Pot and Noodle has selected three of Chef To's gold medal-winning dishes for diners to enjoy, giving you the supreme experience of a Qing Dynasty emperor.

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