Your trash may be another’s treasure.  Donate your items that is no longer used can help you to declutter your place.


Tax Saving.

We are non-profit organization. Any donation you make is tax deductible.


Serve Community.

Used items can be reused or turned into something else if we have creative eyes. By reducing waste, our environment are reserved and our community are served.

What We Have in Store

Come to shop with us at San Jose

Every day we have new things put on the shelf. Come to visit our store and find your deal. 

Support our mission for a greater good

Your donations can make a difference!

When you have gently used items and no longer need it, please donate them to us so they will not become waste in the landfills. Goodcycle will sell them at very friendly price to customers. You may also find treasures in our store. We generally don’t accept e-waste and medical equipment. Other donations are upon store’s discretion.

We are always looking for people to help us help communities!

Business Partner

We have partnerships with some used item collection companies. If you are furniture flippers, small business owners, repair stores, or individuals, we want to partner with you too. The treasures you find will help to make your business thrive. Through Goodcycle, we believe we can reduce the waste and reserve the valuable resources.